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Read The Endorsement Letters from the 7th & 8th District Coalition of Tea Parties supporting Woody Degan.

TN 7th District Coalition
TN 8th District Coalition

THAT'S EVERY single TEA PARTY from the Mississippi River to Davidson County ENDORSING Woody Degan!

Not only that, but the STATE PARTIES have also identified our opponent, Mark Norris, as ONE OF THE THREE MOST CORRUPT POLITICIANS in the state to be replaced!

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The Review Panel is Commission-based and has a vested interest in keeping the state's prices high.


Woody Degan was born in Memphis, TN and has spent the vast majority of his life in unincorporated areas of East Shelby County between Germantown and Collierville. For thirteen of the past fifteen years, he has been domiciled at a Collierville, TN address and has spent his money accordingly.


In High School he received the National Merit Letter of Commendation.
Voted 'MOST TALENTED' Class of 1982 Memphis University School.
He attended Baylor University on a Computer Engineering Scholarship.
University of Memphis - B.A. Marketing/Advertising/Corporate Communications - Dean's List

Facilities Manager WOLF RIVER AIRPORT - 54M Collierville, TN
Certified in General Aviation Security - Transportation Security Administration - Department of Homeland Security

Project Manager / IT Specialist, CONSUMER FIRST - Intellectual Property Creation and Management

Executive Producer - 4 Memphis Gospel Choir - in conjunction with 4Memphis Magazine
-Upcoming Performances Include: Juneteenth Festival, Memphis Redbirds Faith Day.

Project Manager / Producer / Engineer Live Concerts -Memphis Sound
-Current Projects Include: Nationwide Haiti Benefit Concert Series; Charlie Daniels Concert;
-13th Year as Exclusive Producer of Memphis Redbirds Pre and Post Game Concerts!
-Produced more that 85 Charity Fundraising Events PER YEAR for the past 13 years!

Band-leader / Lead Vocalist / Keyboardist: The Memphis Sound Band; Southern Lights Band
-Shared the stage with such stars as Hootie and the Blowfish, Ike Turner, Isaac Hayes, Steve Cropper,
-Dishwalla, Sade, Johnny Lee, Rufus Thomas, Michael Bolton, Vince Gill, MePhiMe, Arrested Development,
-Ray Charles, The Drifters, Chuck Berry, Three Dog Night, Stevie Wonder, Matchbox 20, J. Blackfoot,

-Charley Pride, Jason D. Williams, Rick Springfield, The Doobie Brothers, Watermelon Slim, more...
Live Sound Engineer / Streaming Tech - Destiny By Design Worship Center -

Groundskeeper/Farmer - 30 Years - From special use Turf maintenance to farm crops.



So, tell me, what do you know about Collierville?

"I eat here, sleep here, go to the cleaners here, buy my fuel here, shop for groceries here, see my doctors here, and SERVE here" Woody shared with us in a recent interview. "I've been going to McGinnis hardware store since my father used to have to carry me in there in diapers! I bought my first wagon in there, so I could haul around vegetables from our garden to sell in the neighborhood. That's how or father taught us capitalism. At 6 years old, I took out a loan from him for the wagon, and paid him back in installments from the sale of the vegetables. He got us up every morning at 6:30 AM to work in the garden for an hour or more. It was a great learning experience. He always told my brother and me 'Sons, it's always easier to borrow money than it is to pay it back.' No doubt. A lesson learned early in life."

"When I was a kid, my father had a farm in Collierville, so we went to the square a lot. I fondly remember the chocolate ice cream cones from the dairy bar! The Collierville Square has changed a lot through the years, except for maybe McGinnis Oil, where we've bought our diesel for the better nearly 50 years. They've still got the old register in there! Hewlett and Dunn supplies all my jeans and boots 'cause they've always got them in stock! And the Gazebo has served as the backdrop for many of my musical performances with Southern Lights and The Memphis Sound bands during the Sunset On The Square Concert Series, weddings, and other events. It's a great place to spend an evening in the Summer, and decorated so nice during December. Sometimes I just like to go there to read and enjoy the lights and the peace and quiet."

"Other than that, my earliest memories of Collierville have to do with Dr. Shaul, and the Collierville Animal Clinic. Back in the day - that is. back in the late 1960's and early 1970's - Dr. Shaul used to make house calls and treat all of our animals: Cows, Goats, Horses, Ponies, Dogs, Cats, and more! From trimming hooves to saving lives, Dr. Shaul was the best there was...the only game in town as far as I knew. And he always had some candy to make a kid feel better when his favorite animal was sick, be it a cow named Cindy, or a cat named Pudderwinkles!"

So, you know Collierville, but what about the rest of District 32? What about Arlington?

"Although I've spent a lot of time in Collierville, I also know the rest of the District. I'm in business with a medical services company in Arlington, so I'm up there often. WOW! Has that place grown up over the last few years! I've also consulted with a Pizza establishment there to help them keep watch over their employees, and keep their money! For years, we've purchased our parts from the farmer's implement up there, and used other agricultural services. We always try to shop close to home...even in this age."

And Tipton County?

"I've got some friends up in Covington, Munford, and Atoka, so I know that area, too, and I've performed up there quite a few times. so I'm more than a little familiar with the place. It's a nice small town atmosphere. COUNTRY. For years, I used to haul my Massey Ferguson tractors up to Covington on a trailer to get them repaired. My brother found the man who was semi-retired. He had a collection of old signs and model tractors in his workshop - the kind of stuff that makes the Antique Roadshow. He always did a great job, and the tractors always came back working like a charm. We were so sad when he finally had to quit. I also did a few shows up there at the Lighthouse Church. Great musical program up there. Far better than I expected. You don't expect such a great show when you get out of the big city, per se, but I was impressed."

And the rest of Tipton County?

"Oh, I'm familiar. Well, NOW I am. I'd played p there quite a few times, so I knew my way around...somewhat. However, the first thing I did when I decided to run for this Senate position was to drive ALL OVER Tipton County. I drove to Gilt Edge on the West to Meadow Woods to the East. Millstone Mountain, Hilltop, Detroit Estates, I drove ALL OVER that place. Now and again, I'd see someone out in their yard, riding a bike, or a farmer on a tractor, and I'd stop and shake hands with them and share with them what I'm doing - and ask what their issues are. That's the key: ASKING...LISTENING. It was a great experience."

"Then I moved on to the Kroger parking lot, and spent hours there, where I met a cross-section of the residents of Tipton County. That's where I got so many of the signatures for my qualification sheet. Unlike my opponent, who sent his wife to get his signatures close to home, I wanted to go to personally meet the people in order to learn who I was going to represent. Win or lose, that was a great experience that I'll never forget. Meeting the people. That's what it's all about."

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